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Doggie Daycare Price List

Doggie Daycare is provided Monday - Friday 5:30am - 7:30pm, and Saturday 8am- 5pm with Noon being the latest drop off time.

A minimum of 3 hours is required per daycare visit

All dogs require up to date vaccinations for DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella

All Pets are required to complete our Contact information form and waiver prior to their visit! Documents found linked at the bottom of the page!

Hourly Rate

Per Hour: $6

Only available for 3 hours. Anything further half or full day package fees apply

Assessments: $10 one time fee

An assessment is required to start up daycare, please contact us to book your assessment, and we will send forms for the assessment process, they're also attached in our footer of the page.

Initial assessment is a one time 1 hour visit.


Daycare Policies

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required so that your spot can be given to another pup, failure to cancel will result in a charged daycare day if spot is unable to be filled. Last minute bookings available if space permits, please call for day of bookings.

All Packages purchased are not refundable.

Full Day Packages: >5 Hours

Per Full Day: $40

5 Full Days: $195

10 Full Days: $380

20 Full Days: $740

30 Full Days:$1,080

Half Day Packages: <5 Hours

Per Half Day: $30

5 Half Days: $145

10 Half Days: $280

20 Half Days: $540

30 Half Days: $780

Pooch Pick Up: $5-$10 

Puppy pick up, available for those needing their pooch picked up for their daycare days. Pick up only available, pick up price dependent on location. 

7-9am - $5 local pick up:

anything in a 20 minute radius of The Lodge

9-10am- $10 Pick up anything Beyond 20 minute radius of The Lodge

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